$15.14 Fundraising Campaign

$15.14 Campaign

Fifteen years ago over the Memorial Day weekend during DC Black Pride, a coalition of Black Pride organizations representing Chicago, North Carolina (Charlotte), New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis (Twin Cities) and Washington, D.C. formed the International Federation of Black Prides.  Led by its founder the coalition saw a need to organize the twenty plus Black Prides in the United States and abroad to network, develop sponsorship strategies, foster community development, provide technical assistance, mentor and support one another.   Over 300,000 men and women attend Black Pride events from Uganda to Washington, DC.

On July 28, 2012, the International Federation of Black Prides Board of Directors voted to rebrand and restructure the organization. The new name, Center for Black Equity (CBE), refocuses and elevates the deep commitment to our mission of achieving equality and justice for Black LGBT communities through expansive platforms focused on Health Equity, Economic Equity and Social Equity.  This branding shift also fosters a much needed sense of urgency to increase the public’s understanding of the myriad challenges LGBT communities face on a daily basis. Today we have 38 members and affiliates in cities, states and countries around the globe and growing.

Accomplishments over the past fifteen years include:
  • Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI)
  • First African-American LGBT Tobacco Education survey
  • First African-American LGBT Consumer survey
  • Earlene Budd Anti-Violence Project
  • Blackout 2008, 2010 & 2012
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Support of International Black LGBT organizations
  • Transgender rights advocacy
  • Community organizing workshops
  • Southern Regional HIV Program
  • Largest HIV study ever conducted targeting Black Gay Men
  • First ever Black LGBT health study
  • Comprehensive LGBT advocacy activities at federal, state and local levels
For the cost of two happy hour drinks, you can help us achieve our mission to build a multinational LGBT network dedicated to improving health and wellness opportunities, economic empowerment, and equal rights while promoting individual and collective work, responsibility, and self-determination and us celebrate 15 years of service in 2014 by donating $15.14.
If you'd like to donate a different amount, visit this page.
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