Men Who Brunch

Men Who Brunch is an online media platform that provides quality content for the black gay community. Relevant topics on the blog includes dating, traveling, and fashion. The motivation to start this blog stemmed from a shortage of black gay media platforms. The media industry is dominated by whites. And even though the black gay community shares similar struggles with the white gay community we are often left out of gay media. When black gay men are portrayed in the media they are sexualized. Men Who Brunch offers a multidimensional perspective of black gay life style and portrays black gay men in a positive light.

Black, Queer, & …

Black, Queer, &…. is our way of filling in the blanks as we discuss our navigation through different issues while being a queer, black, same gender loving couple. We talk about a range of topics ranging from parenting, religion, working in white spaces, dealing with mental health, toxic masculinity, experiences from our trans sisters, and fighting injustice- the list is endless and no topic is off limits!

It’s A Mess, Sis!

It’s a Mess, Sis! brings you therapeutic conversations between two black queer women who have discovered that the life script is not enough! During each episode we define, discuss impact, and talk about how we cope with our beliefs, narratives, and issues in our community as an outlet and support to get us through life’s journey. The hope is that our open and vulnerable conversations will resonate with listeners and expand the conversation beyond our podcast and into the community at large. Come join us and if you vibe, we tribe!

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