Study Participants Needed: What do you think about your breast cancer treatment?

Moving Beyond Pink to End Breast Cancer Disparities

The Black Women’s Health Imperative would like to share information about a research study being conducted to understand how women with breast cancer feel about their cancer treatment. The Women’s Hormonal Initiation and Persistence (WHIP) study research team is looking to reach women anywhere in the US who have been diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer.

Specifically, they need women from across the U.S. who have been diagnosed with any stage of ER+ breast cancer after April 2012 and are prescribed and/or taking hormonal therapy to participate.

Women with ER+ tumors are typically prescribed hormone therapy: tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor, such as Femara (letrozole), Arimidex (anastrazole), or Aromasin (exemestane). Studies have found that only about half of the women prescribed a hormone therapy stay on their treatment for five years.

The WHIP research team from Georgetown University wants to learn more about why some women continue to take their medication and others do not.  The information from the study will help to better understand the differences and ultimately improve the likelihood that women will stay on their prescribed hormonal therapy for the the full five years.

Learn more about the study and how you can participate below.

If this study isn’t right for you, please pass it on to your family members or friends!


The purpose of this study is to learn more about how women taking hormonal therapies for breast cancer treatment feel about their medications. The research team needs 300 women to participate in this study.


If you sign up for the “Women’s Hormonal Therapy Initiation and Persistence (WHIP) Study” the research team will contact you to confirm that you are eligible. If you are eligible and choose to participate in the study, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Sign and initial the consent form.
  • Complete a baseline telephone interview. This will last approximately one hour and will include questions about your perceptions of treatments and how you feel about interactions with your healthcare providers.
  • Complete three follow-up interviews over approximately 36 months.
  • Provide the research team access to your pharmacy records so they can assess medication adherence.
  • Optional: provide a saliva sample using a kit sent to you in the mail. The research team is interested in exploring if all women process (metabolize) their treatment medications the same way. The kit and the postage to return the kit in the mail are provided at no cost to you.

Your participation in this study will not affect your medical care and all information will be kept confidential.


This study is conducted by Dr. Vanessa Sheppard, Associate Professor of Oncology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. This research is being sponsored by the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Anywhere in the United States – all participation will be conducted on the telephone and in the mail


You can sign up for the Women’s Hormonal Therapy Initiation and Persistence (WHIP) Study if you meet ALL of these MAIN criteria:

  • You are female and over the age of 21
  • You were diagnosed with any stage of breast cancer (Stage 0 – IV) after April 2012
  • You have been diagnosed with ER + breast cancer
  • You are prescribed and/or taking hormonal therapy
  • You live in the United States

If you would like to learn more about the study, please click on the link below to answer some basic eligibility questions. One of the WHIP study team members will contact you soon to tell you more about the study and answer any questions you might have. In addition, they’re providing a $15 gift card incentive to each interview.

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