Budget-friendly ways to reclaim your health after self-isolation

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By Justin Bennett, healthyfit.info

The stay-at-home orders issued across the country, among many other changes in our everyday routines, posed a lot of challenges. Along with the obvious economic concerns, many of us found it difficult to find a healthy routine that worked well with our new schedules as we tried to navigate working from home, keeping the kids happy, learning how to do homeschool, and any other number of issues.

While the economy is beginning to reopen in most areas of the country, many of us are still trying to find a routine that fosters our health and well-being. Perhaps you gained weight during the lockdown, are dealing with crippling stress and anxiety, and/or simply lack the vitality you had just a few months ago. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to take your health back, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Find your exercise routine.

With so many fitness centers closing around the country—many of which may never open again—it’s never been more important to have an exercise routine that you can do from home. Consider any activities that you enjoy doing, whether it’s HIIT, running, biking, yoga, or any other type of movements that provide a good workout. Then, utilize free online workouts and resources that teach you how to exercise at home. Also, remain open to trying other activities and routines along the way!

If you have a dog, exercising with him is a great way to benefit both of you. Just make sure you have all the gear your pup needs to stay safe and healthy during your workouts (e.g., a quality leash, reflective collar, collapsible water dish). Retailers like PetSmart offer all the products you would need at a reasonable price, and you can save even more by using online coupons and promo codes via PetSmart at Rakuten.

Choose time windows for eating.

When you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to eat a lot. And with added stress, it makes eating even more appealing. Not only that, but stress causes more cortisol to be produced in the body which can cause weight gain and high blood pressure, among many other health problems.

If you’re still stuck in a cycle of grabbing food whenever you feel the urge, try breaking it by restricting the times you eat. For example, you could determine that you will eat between 8:00 and 9:00 AM, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, and 6:30 – 7:30 PM each day.

Obviously, your time windows can vary, but try to stick to the parameters you set. And try to limit snacking outside of your designated times, unless it’s the occasional fruit or other healthy option. Not only will this approach help you control your eating habits, but it will also save you money at the grocery store.

Opt for healthier foods.

When you do eat, choose healthy foods. It might be easy (and delicious) to order a pizza or down a pint of ice cream. However, eating foods this fattening is a slippery slope, and if you’ve reached an unhealthy weight, these kinds of foods are the primary reason for it.

Fortunately, the web offers tons of free recipes that are both healthy and delicious. From striped bass with radish salsa to grilled steak tortilla salad to seared coconut-lime chicken with snap pea slaw, the options are endless. And there are just as many healthy snack ideas out there, such as carrots with hummus, zucchini sticks with honey mustard mayo, and greek yogurt with mixed berries. Plus, cooking at home more and dining out less will save you a significant amount of money each month.

Whether you’re still in a sort of self-isolation or are trying to get back to a healthy routine, there are practical, budget-friendly steps you can take to get there. Remember to find an exercise routine that you can do from home, restrict your eating habits to certain times of the day, and choose healthier options when it comes to meals and snacks. In no time, you may look and feel better than you ever have!

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