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Racial bias is a problem in doctors’ offices

Samantha Michaels — Mother Jones Black gay men are more likely to distrust the medical establishment—and to have higher rates of undiagnosed infections. Terrance Moore couldn’t breathe—just a few steps left the 23-year-old struggling for air. His doctor in Washington, DC, had previously diagnosed him with bronchitis,but the problem persisted. When he returned for a […]

“Tiger Mandingo,” convicted of spreading HIV, wins a major victory

By Steven Thrasher – BuzzFeed The Missouri Supreme Court affirmed a ruling that the college wrestler’s racially charged trial was “fundamentally unfair.” Prosecutors say, “We’re prepared to try the case again.” Michael Johnson, the college wrestler also known as “Tiger Mandingo” who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for “recklessly” exposing his sexual partners […]

Breaking Stereotypes: Spotlight on male family caregivers

by Jean Accius, PhD, AARP Public Policy Institute In the United States, family caregivers are the backbone for the delivery of supportive services for individuals with a chronic, disabling, or serious health condition. They identify, arrange, and coordinate services and supports; provide emotional support; accompany their family member or friend to health provider visits; administer […]