CBE’s First Fellow Announcement

The CBE is proud to announce Judith Fisher as the first CBE Policy Fellow through its internship program.

Judith is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Administration for Non-Profit Management through Cheyney University. She holds a B.A. in Africana Studies from California State University, Dominguez Hills where she also held a secondary major of sociology and a minor in women’s studies. While at California State, she was a member of several LGBT campus organizations such as the Gay-Straight Alliance and the Lavender Graduation project, as well as being the insight for LGBT-related topics within the Africana Studies deaprtment and the Organization of Africana Studies. She currently engages in writing endeavors that expressly meet Black LGBT related issues and concerns and has an immense passion for uplifting and empowering the Black LGBT community through Public Policy, Non-Profit work, and continued research projects.

Judith has a history of volunteerism with several national LGBT Pride and Black Pride events. Currently, she works with intellectually and developmentally disabled populations as a Direct Support Professional. Her hobbies include research, writing, singing and competing in Track and Field for the NJ State Elite/Open Division where she holds some championship titles. Judith’s personal goals are to be an outstanding leader in the Black LGBT community and pioneering the creation of a Federal Office that is specifically tailored to addressing the national needs of the American LGBT community (especially the racialized sections) and to continue advancing her research and educational endeavors.

For more information about CBE internships visit the Internship Program page.

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