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The ParKer Bryant is a place for queer people of color to find themselves in raw and transparent blogs and podcast about life and love. There are no hyper-states of being other than love; therefore, everyone can find themselves in the content produced by ParKer Bryant.

About the Blogger
ParKer Bryant is a force in emotional wellness advocacy and coaching. She's one of the very few leaders in the queer community striving to cultivate relationship integrity and authentic living through relatable content and social interaction. ParKer Bryant is undoubtedly growing to be one of the most influential emotional coaches for same-gender lovers. ParKer Bryant is the author of seven self-published books, numerous essays and a ton of poetry. ParKer Bryant has served as creative director and contributing writing for independent publication companies/brands.

Being A Better Lover is where ParKer goes behind closed doors and deep inside the emotional house to reveal experiences of those who seek answers. She applies knowledge from research, personal, and spiritual principles to help people gain inner peace and healing by learning to “do the work.”

ParKer's calm demeanor quickly fades when she fearlessly addresses and combats the ill behaviors from a toxic heart. Her no-nonsense, passionate and blunt approach makes her relatable and as transparent as they come. She's been called truthful and wise as she delivers her consistent message of love, forgiveness, and authentic living.

After starting her life over twice in search of answers and clarity, ParKer Bryant experienced the extreme highs and devastating lows of being someone in pursuit of authentic truth and limitless living. With a relentless dedication to facilitating the evolution and growth of the heart, mind, and soul ParKer's body of work spans over nine published books, podcasts, screenplays, online courses, vlogging/blogging, and workshops.

ParKer Bryant earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and masters degree in Education Leadership, which she uses on a daily basis to analyze and advise herself as well as others about the mental, emotional, and social behaviors that affect our interaction with self and love.

Her independent research focus on neuro-linguistic programming and altering psycho-emotional states as a way to heal (return to God state) queer people of color. She is also a veteran educator servicing middle, high, and college students in the public education sector. ParKer continues to receive awards and accolades for her work and service in all facets of her professional and personal advocacy.


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