Earl D. Fowlkes Jr., CBE President/CEO featured in Ebony magazine’s News and Views.

Earl D. Fowlkes Jr.,

Earl D. Fowlkes Jr., president/CEO of the Center for Black Equity is featured in Ebony magazine’s News and Views’ “What Does LGBT Pride Mean to You?” Below is his statement.

“New York Pride was the first pride I attended and for the first time, I saw thousands of men and women of all races hanging being together. I realized that my journey was a shared one and that strength comes in numbers as I continue to accept myself in the face of homophobia and racism in America. This year, I have the honor of being one of three Grand Marshals in the NYC Pride parade. Talk about coming full circle!”

To view the full article, visit http://www.ebony.com/photos/news-views/black-pride-what-does-lgbt-pride-mean-to-you-495#ixzz2Wg1rp1lK.

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