Economic Equity

Programmatic Focuses: Career Development, Wealth Creation, Sustainable Communities, Entrepreneurship, Economic Literacy and Livable Wage Advocacy.

Our commitment to Economic Equity represents a commitment to advocate for those values, vision, policies, programs, institutional changes, collaborations, and resources that allow Black LGBT people to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Achieving Economic Equity

This advocacy will include a commitment to:

  • Exploring and articulating the relationship in our communities between economic, social and cultural development
  • The development of businesses and economic enterprises owned in whole or in part by Black LGBT people
  • The strong development of LGBT Black Youth, especially as it relates to their intellectual, emotional, and physical health
  • Deal with the unique challenges faced by Women of Color in the market place
  • Ensuring our communities’ access to education, skills and training at all levels
  • Fighting for private and public investment in Black LGBT communities
  • Ensuring access to private investment capital
  • Educating our communities on topics central to realizing economic equity such as best business practices, financial administration and accounting, and debt management
  • Change the relationship of Black LGBT people as it relates to government, financial institutions, and private businesses.
Economic Equity Postings