Equality for Belize

Caleb Orozco. Photo by Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times

Western culture has presented the idea that things are constantly improving overall for members of the LGBT community. However, it is important to recognize that throughout the rest of the world, there are many people who continue to face the real-life horror of extreme, draconian laws and societal pressures that most Americans now consider a part of history.

Statistics have shown that some four billion people wake up each day in countries where there are no formal legal protections for those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In addition, three million others live in countries where there isn’t so much as a hint of legal or social equality; places where being gay is an actual crime.

The Center for Black Equity received a request from United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNiBAM) to share the article below. Because of our commitment to equality for all and our understanding of the difficulties many face around the world in achieving equality, we have decided to share this information with you.

We encourage you to research the work of UNiBAM and its request for support before making a decision, to best understand how your support might make a difference.

Read about what is happening in Belize

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