Health Equity

Programmatic Focuses: HIV/AIDS, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Transgender Health and Environmental Health

Our commitment to health equity represents a commitment to advocate for those values, vision, policies, programs, institutional changes, collaborations, and resources that allow Black LGBT people to thrive physically, behaviorally, environmentally and spiritually under the basic premise of public health that all people have a right to attain their full health potential.

Achieving Health Equity

This advocacy will include a commitment to:

  • Culturally appropriate/competent primary and secondary health services
  • Culturally appropriate/competent social and supportive services
  • Access to good housing and safe neighborhoods
  • Access good education institutions and safe learning/recreational environments
  • Access healthy fresh water, food, vegetables and dietary supplements
  • Culturally appropriate/competent scientific study, data collection and evaluation of research outcomes
  • Strengthen and broaden leadership for addressing health disparities
Health Equity Postings