Have you heard about Moral Monday?

From Reverend William Barber II, president, North Carolina State Conference, NAACP

Last year civil rights activists gathered in North Carolina for the very first Moral Monday. Our state legislature was passing a series of bills to crush working people, and it was time to say “no more.”

What began with dozens of people has since grown into peaceful protests of hundreds upon thousands. When state legislatures began following the lead of North Carolina, activists in those states rose up as well, and demanded their elected officials work for the people, not against them.

Six states now have Moral Monday movements. Let them know you support their work by sharing their message with everyone you know.

Share the graphic below in support of Moral Monday protesters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Missouri today.


In February, at our 15,000-strong Moral March on Raleigh, we had a message we wanted our elected officials to hear: Kicking hard-working people when they’re down is not just bad policy, it’s against the common good and disregards human rights. It is a refusal to lean to the better angels of ourselves.

Peaceful protesters in these states face elected officials hellbent on pushing through bills to slash Medicaid, raise taxes on the working and the poor, cripple education, deny rights to workers, women, and the LGBT community, and make it more difficult to vote.

They are working hard, and the more people who know about their struggle, the greater their strength and resolve will be as they fight for those who do not have a voice.

Share your message with the Moral Monday protesters today: action.naacp.org/Support-Moral-Mondays

Watch the Moral Monday video.

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