Job opportunity: Teach For America operations coordinators

In the summer of 2015, the new Teach For America corps members will come together across seventeen different sites for an intensive five to seven week training program called institute.  During this time, corps members prepare for their two-year commitment to teach in low-income communities and expand educational opportunities for students across the country.

Teach For America is currently seeking operations coordinators to support these summer institutes.  Operations coordinators play an integral role in the daily operations of the teacher-training program by assisting with general institute support and performing the clerical, administrative, logistical, and manual tasks needed to keep the institute running smoothly. Candidates with interest or experience with data, technology, or marketing are highly sought after.

Operations managers will

  • Implement and maintain staffing operational systems at the host university site
  • Work with a direct manager to coordinate special projects for the institute community
  • Develop excellent organizational and time management systems
  • Receive an hourly wage, room and board, and reimbursement for a portion of travel expenses

For a complete job description and application instructions, go to  The application deadline is Thursday, Feb. 18, 2015.

An Operations Manager’s Story

Sean Plaskett

Sean Plaskett

Sean Plaskett
The Ohio State University, Psychology and Human Development, 2011
Houston Institute Operations Coordinator: Summer 2010
Teach For America Corps Member: Houston 2011

What motivated you to join institute staff?
I had heard numerous times that the summer opportunities TFA offered were highly fulfilling, beneficial, and worth pursuing. So needless to say I applied for the OC position with great enthusiasm and ambition, and was elated when I was accepted to serve in the city of Houston that summer.

What about the operations coordinator role helped you reach your long-term goals?
Long story short, the summer of 2010 was undoubtedly the most enjoyable, fulfilling, fatiguing, and life-changing summer of my young adult life, and it had such a profound impact on me and my development as a leader/pre-professional.

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