National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD)

Today is National Women and Girls HIV AIDS Awareness Day. In recognition of this day and the many Black and Brown women living with HIV and leading the fight against the disease in our communities the CBE offers these thoughts and image in collaboration with our Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative Partner Farmworker Justice and others.

NWGHAAD Lioness 2From both afar and at a foots distance there she stands regal and dignified

The Lioness of human race, the provider and protector-uncompromised

She’s vivacious, witty, strong, and her beauty is unmatched

She comes in different shapes, sizes and hues, She’s a 10 — a catch

Ms. Angelou said “it’s in your hips, the stride of your walk, and the reach of your arms”

She said, “like moons and like sun, certainty of tides, like hopes springing high… I’ll rise”

But she suffers from the wear and tear of caring for so many, often leaving little for herself

Her body, her mind, her spirit and soul must be replenished, along with her health

We her “Pride” – the community that benefits from her unselfish acts

We must make sure she too is supported, nurtured and knows we have her back

While the forest you reign over may have lost some of its trees

It’s still your kingdom, we are still your people and you our Queen.

We hear your roar calling us to stand together, to fight this fight.

By Michael Hinson

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