Earline Budd Anti-Violence Project

EBAVP-markThe Earline Budd Anti-Violence Project is named in honor of the long time Washington, D.C. transgender advocate Earlene Budd. Ms. Budd advocacy on behalf of Black lesbians, gays, bisexuals and particularly transgender men and women, and is a role model for the work that remains to be done in our community. By raising awareness, providing family support and challenging public stigma, this project seeks to promote an environment where individuals who are LGBT can be safe, respected and live free from targeted violence in the Black community.

The following areas of focus have been identified by the CBE for the Earline Budd Anti-Violence Project:

  • Educating the Black community about the frequency of violence against individuals who are LGBT.
  • Promoting tolerance, diversity, acceptance and inclusion for individuals who are LGBT within the Black community.
  • Supporting the families of Black who are LGBT, as well as survivors of LGBT-targeted violence, through professional counseling services and linkage to other useful resources and information.
  • Collaborate with other community organizations and connect community members to appropriate services.
  • Advocating for the implementation and enforcement of public policies designed to protect the rights of individuals who are LGBT, with consideration to the issues that significantly impact the Black community.
  • Establishing a resource hotline where LGBT African Americans and their families can find culturally sensitive resources, information and support (e.g., affirming churches, mental health provides, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, etc.

For more information or to volunteer for resource hotline, please contact Earl Fowlkes at 202-347-0555.