Social Equity

Programmatic Focuses: Technical Assistance, Advocacy/Public Policy, Coalition Building, Community Organizing, Voter Education, Leadership Development, Cultural Arts, International Efforts and Faith/ Spiritual Efforts.

Our commitment to social equity represents a commitment to advocate for those values, vision, policies, programs, institutional changes, collaborations, and resources that allow Black LGBT to achieve fair access to livelihood, education, and resources; full participation in the political and cultural life of the community; and self-determination in meeting fundamental needs. Our definition of social equity encompasses principles related to the adopting of plans, policies, and regulations that are fair and achieve a vibrant community, diverse cultural assets and amenities, equal and adequate services and infrastructure, mix of affordable housing options, coalition building and economic opportunities.

Achieving Social Equity

This advocacy will include a commitment to:

  • Improved access to a wide variety of public and private experiences, resources, goods, and services
  • Protection from health, economic, environmental, and social disparities
  • Increase opportunities to participate in public decisions
  • Fair treatment under the law regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, income, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, disability, socioeconomic status or any other protected classes and/or human rights protections
Social Equity Postings