Take time to refill your cup during quarantine

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By Justin Bennett, healthyfit.info

Are you feeling out of sorts, stressed, or anxious lately? With our daily lives rattled by the pandemic, it’s not unusual to feel any — or all — of those things. Adding some positive reinforcement throughout your day can be just the ticket to getting through the quarantine period healthy and happy, so we’ve gathered some resources with that in mind.

A New Routine

So much change can make you feel like you’re unsettled. At the same time, with so many events canceled and venues closed, you might feel like you’re in a rut. Here’s how to fix it.

Spaces and Places

It’s easy to say you should do certain things each day, but you need appropriate places to do them. A dedicated space ensures you can carry out your daily routine comfortably.

Tools You Can Use

If you need to reduce the activities in your days in order to enjoy your routine, or you simply need a little extra support, there are some wonderful tools to help you do it.

A little positive reinforcement can go a long way toward regaining a sense of normalcy right now. Adjust your routine and your space, and add a few tools that ease your days. You’ll enjoy a fuller, more well-rounded life throughout quarantine as a result.

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