The Equality March for Unity & Pride

 The Equality March for Unity & Pride

On Sunday, June 11, members of the LGBTQ+ communities, their loved ones and those who stand in solidarity with us will gather in Washington, DC, and in cities across the country to march.  Why?  Because it’s our time…

  • To center the most marginalized in our communities.
  • To stand up and be counted in this moment of political reckoning in the public consciousness.
  • To assert who we are and our values.
  • To show this country, and the world, that the LGBTQ+ communities are not done, we are not satisfied, we are not resigned, and we will not be complicit in the relentless assault against our friends and families.
  • To march.

The Equality March has a majority of Person of Color leadership team which has shifted the focus of the March. The Mission centers very explicitly on those LGBTQ+ people who have been silent and neglected. There are 12 co-chairs: nine are Black, Latinx or Native American; the remaining three are White. Four are transgender or gender non-conforming.  The Equality March for Unity & Pride is a grassroots movement that will celebrate, inspire and mobilize the diverse LGBTQ+ communities to clearly and peacefully oppose efforts to persecute and discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals.

LGBTQ+ people have seen historic progress in the last decade. Some might assume we’ve overcome our biggest obstacles, and that the achievement of increased access for some of us, is enough to satisfy our cry for justice for all. But, there’s still much more we must do, especially given the current threat our communities face from increased hostile rhetoric, discriminatory policies and violence perpetrated against the most vulnerable among us like trans women of color.

How to Get Involved

MARCH: March with us. Register so that we can be prepared for you.

DONATE: Make a tax deductible donation.  There is some ground to make up to reach the fundraising goals to ensure a successful March. Resource Impact is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for The Equality March for Unity & Pride.

VOLUNTEER: Sign up to volunteer. Confirm of participation and training will be provided.

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