Ugandan gay community warn Kadaga on re-tabling nullified anti-gay act

— from RedTimes

Uganda Gay community living in the United Kingdom have issued strong warning to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga on her recent remarks on re-tabling the nullified Anti-Gay Act.

Edwin Sesange the director of the African LGBTI organization Out and proud diamond group says the move by the speaker of parliament to retable the bill will greatly affect the lives of innocent Ugandans

“We are sending a clear message to the Speaker of the 10th Uganda Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga to shelve her plans of bringing back to life the annulled anti-LGBTI bill. These plans will only affect Ugandans instead of making our lives better.”

“The world has moved on from colonial laws to acceptance and tolerance, She borrows a leaf from Britain. The speaker should concentrate on solving issues that are affecting Ugandans like corruption, idol worship, theft of public funds, democracy, poor health facilities, violation of basic human rights, and poverty among others.

He also asked the speaker of Uganda’s parliament and President Mr Yoweri Museveni should do their best to make sure that they solve all issues that are making Ugandans to leave their country.

Meanwhile thousands of gay people also lined on the city streets of Birmingham city for the parade to kick start the two day celebration of marriage proposal and huge crowd including Out and Proud Diamond Group (African LGBTI) made its way into the festival area in the Village to be entertained by DJs and pop stars including Tulisa, Fleur East, Katy B and Liberty X.

Uganda’s Constitutional Court on August 1 2014 annulled the anti-gay legislation signed into law in February after it ruled that the bill was passed by MPs in December without the requisite quorum and was therefore illegal.

However after its nullification, the speaker of parliament said Rebecca Kadaga said that the time for homosexuals in Uganda was not yet over saying that the Anti-homosexuality bill can be moved any time.

“In 2014, I promised Ugandans that I will give them a Christmas gift by passing the anti-homosexuality, which I did. Unfortunately, the bill annulled by the court after President Yoweri Museveni had assented to it. However, the bill can still be deliberate on in parliament if the movers bring it back to the floor of parliament,” said Kadaga.

Anti-homosexuality bill had been tabled by Hon. David Bahati the Ndorwa East Member of Parliament in Kabale district.

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