Supporting Black LGBTQ+ People

The Center for Black Equity is the National leader in connecting members of the Black LGBTQ+ community with information and resources to educate, engage and empower their fight for equity and access.

As the Global leader of the CBE is breaking barriers to accessing employment and opportunity through equipping community leaders with the tools, experiences, and knowledge that enable them to unlock the leadership and problem-solving potential of themselves and others.

COVID-19 Resources

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in an unprecedented crisis that affects the lives of Black LGBTQ+ in very unique ways. We have gathered a plethora of resources help during this crisis.

Blog Directory

Black LGBTQ+ blogs and podcasts that are for, by, and about the experience of the Black LGBTQ+ Community.


 Multinational network of Black Prides celebrations.

News & Views

Repository of news and articles related to the Black LGBTQ+ experience.

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